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Have you been injured in a car accident?

Rated as one of the leading causes of death in the country, car accidents claim the lives of thousands each year and countless other victims dealing with injuries. It is difficult to know how many wrecks occur on the roads yearly, but it is estimated to be several million. All types of reasons can cause these; sometimes due to a natural occurrence and other times from the fault of another driver. Negligence is a catastrophic problem on streets and highways, and if it can be proven that the other driver was at fault, then there may be a case for you to obtain compensation. Schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation with our injury firm if you believe the other driver’s carelessness caused the injuries you suffered in an accident.

Top Causes of Car Accidents

Many different things can cause car accidents. One reason that car accidents occur is due to the weather. It may be fog, rain, snow, or ice on the roads that make driving more challenging. Sometimes it is even a single car involved in an accident, and they spin out when the roads are slippery. Other times two or more vehicles are involved in the wreck, and one driver may be the reason for the incident.

Another main problem is driver distraction. It can be talking, texting, reading, eating, or daydreaming, taking a driver’s focus off of what is in front of them. Some people can become too relaxed behind the wheel and decide to multitask, such as by finishing their makeup application. Distractions can be cognitive, visual, and manual, moving a driver’s mind from the road, their hands on the steering wheel, and their focus from in front of them.

Another problem that causes car accidents is getting in the car after consuming too much alcohol. Drinking can severely reduce a person’s ability to drive safely and recognize potential dangers up ahead. They can become reckless, driving in a manner that puts everyone around them at risk.

Car owners are also responsible for the maintenance of their vehicles, and by failing to check their breaks or get new tires, they can be unprepared for a situation on the road. Sometimes it is the fault of the manufacturer or even a flaw in the original design; incidents can happen before a recall is made in a product liability case.

Work with a Car Accident Lawyer from our Firm

The damage from a car accident can be immense and is known to be one of the most catastrophic incidents. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident, then you want an attorney representing you. Compensation may be needed to cover a range of costs, and you don’t want to receive less than you deserve. An attorney can help find a solution that works in your favor while handling the stress of a case so that you can focus on your recovery. They can also prevent you from taking a settlement lower than what you are owed.

More Information about Car Accident Statistics

Millions of individuals suffer from an accident yearly through injuries or the loss of a loved one. It is estimated that around one person dies every 48 minutes from a wreck involving alcohol, making up around one-third of fatal accidents.

Additionally, 1,060 people are injured every day because of distracted driving. A typical driver will deal with around 200 decisions regarding driving for every mile they drive. With so many choices and areas to focus on, becoming distracted or negligent can be life-threatening.

The cost of an accident can be immense. Around 2.3 million individuals require a trip to the emergency department every year. Medical expenses are high, and victims can be left with hospital bills, lost wages, the cost of modifications for the injury, future lost income if they cannot work, and more. The toll of an injury is not always straightforward, and it is not until time has passed that many of those who dealt with injuries realize how much was taken from them. Our attorneys have the experience to assess this aspect of a case more accurately and to aggressively pursue an outcome that protects those injured now and in the future.

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