Have You Been Hurt in a Trucking Accident? Here’s What You Should Know

Many of the large tractor-trailer trucks on our roads and highways deliver their loads or pass through our communities safely. But what if one of these large behemoths hit your vehicle and seriously injured you (and your passengers or family members)? Does the driver know what he or she is doing or even where they’re going? Is the driver fatigued? Fresh research says that 15 percent of all tractor-trailer accidents result from driver fatigue. More on this website
On the other hand, how safe is the truck’s load or even the vehicle itself? Does it even belong on the road? One in three big rigs doesn’t. Just ask the Department of Public Safety, which regularly conducts “surprise roadside inspections” and “red tag” that percentage for serious safety violations. Might a defective part on the truck fail and send it careening into your vehicle? How good are its brakes? These are just a few questions that surely enter your mind when an 18-wheeler pulls alongside you at 70 miles an hour on a freeway or grows perilously larger in your rearview mirror.
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Accidents, injuries, and even deaths are always bound to happen when these multi-axle monsters hit the road. If you have been injured in a commercial trucking accident or if a loved one was injured or killed in one, an experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney will help you win the compensation you deserve. Our Law Office has negotiated numerous fair settlements and successfully litigated hundreds of trucking accident cases in court for our clients during our 20-plus years of service to these seriously injured victims. We know your pain and financial distress after being injured in one of these horrible wrecks. As you recover from your injuries, your trusted accident injury attorney must also fight for the fair reimbursement owed to you by those liable for that big truck accident. We believe you must understand every legal avenue available to you to choose the right course of action to win restitution for your injuries, pain, and suffering, as well as the income you have lost (and might continue to lose) from a tractor-trailer accident for which others are responsible; and likely negligent.

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