Car Accidents – What Are The Odds You’ll Have One

Statistics have shown that all of us can expect to be involved in several motor vehicle accidents throughout our lifetime. Many of us will deal with the legal consequences of these accidents, particularly if someone suffers injury. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may find the following helpful information: More on this website

Do not admit fault.
If you are injured, do not exit your vehicle, wait to be treated by paramedics, or request that paramedics be dispatched to the scene.
Do not make any statements or discuss how the accident occurred, what injuries you suffered, or damages accrued with anyone other than a police officer(s) or the paramedic(s) on the scene.
Make sure that all information regarding the other driver(s) is accurate and complete, particularly their license and insurance information and vehicle tag number.
If you are concerned about being injured, you must inform the police at the scene.
If you feel pain and discomfort, even after the accident, seek immediate medical attention.
Do not make any statements (recorded or otherwise) regarding the accident to any insurance company without your attorney present.
Do not sign any documents without the benefit of counsel, regardless of whether they offer you a money settlement. You may be waiving important rights.
Immediately contact your insurance company/agent and document a claim number.

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