Simply Deserving Compensation Is Not Enough

Just suffering an injury in a rollover accident isn’t an automatic guarantee you will be compensated for the harm done. You’ll need the help of a tire defect attorney to investigate your case, find the needed evidence, and support that critical evidence with expert testimony to secure your accident attorneys Texas

Because there are so many potentially liable parties in your rollover accident, you will need an experienced tire defect lawyer that is familiar with investigating rollover wrecks to determine whose negligent behavior caused your wreck and then to hold them accountable with evidence. At our Law Office, we are aware of how quickly evidence begins to fade after an accident, so we conduct an extensive investigation immediately, sequester and examine all the vehicles involved, and focus specifically on the tires in rollover accidents. We evaluate forensic evidence from the scene, such as skid marks, and locate any witnesses or video evidence.

Yet merely having physical evidence is insufficient to win a case in court. You must also be able to convince a jury of the importance and validity of the evidence, and that often requires the testimonies of expert witnesses that interpret the wear and tear on the tires. At our Law Office, for the past twenty years, our tire defect attorneys have been handling rollover accident cases. We’ve developed consulting relationships with numerous experts who can influence the jury and sway them with facts to accept the evidence and conclusions presented to them.

After a Rollover Accident, What Damages Can You Receive?

Although proving a rollover accident caused by a tire defect can be more complex than a standard auto accident, the types of personal injury and wrongful death damages an injured victim or their family can receive are similar to those for other types of accidents. More on this website
Injury Resolutions for Rollover Accidents
People injured in rollover accidents can seek compensation for the following:

Property damage

Pain and suffering
Past and future medical bills
Lost wages due to lost work while in recovery
Lost future earning capacity as a result of lifelong disabilities
Just like a wrongful death claim for medical malpractice or work-related accidents, families of those wrongfully killed in a rollover accident can seek compensation for both wrongful death damages and survival damages. The purpose of wrongful death damages is to compensate loved ones for the losses they’ve personally suffered. These damages may be pursued by spouses, children, parents, and in some instances, siblings. Wrongful death damages may include compensation for all of the following:

Any medical expenses paid by the deceased before they died
Funeral expenses
Loss of financial support supplied to the family by the victim
Mental and emotional trauma
Loss of the unique and irreplaceable familial love and consortium provided by the deceased.
Survival damages allow the closest living relative the opportunity to seek damages the deceased would have been able to pursue if they had survived the accident. This right passes down from the spouse to the children to parents and finally to siblings. It may include compensation for:

Medical bills
Lost wages during the time the victim would have missed worked during the recovery process
Lost long-term earning potential because of possible disabilities
Pain and suffering experienced by the victim during the accident
Emotional and mental trauma the victim would have suffered during rehabilitation
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The Tire Defect Attorneys at our Law Office Can Help

For an injured victim or the family of someone wrongfully killed in a rollover accident, there are various factors that complicate the process of securing the compensation deserved. Individuals without legal experience and attorneys with little experience have little chance of successfully wading through these highly technical cases. To ensure the best chances of recovery in a rollover case, you need a competent tire defect attorney who has a successful track record and who is familiar with all the complexities involved in these cases.

At our Law Office, our tire defect attorneys have two decades of experience assisting victims of rollover accidents and their grieving family members to secure the compensation they deserve for the injury done to them. If you’ve been injured, or a loved one killed in a rollover accident or any other type of tire defect accident, we can help. Call today for a free consultation with one of our tire defect attorneys. We’ll gladly answer any pressing questions you may have and help you start on the road to recovery.

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