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It might be blatantly obvious to you that you were not to blame for the 18-wheeler accident that you were involved in, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to get the just restitution you deserve. The defendant, according to Texas law, does not owe you a thing; if you want to get fair compensation, you will have to fight to get it.truck accident attorneys san antonio

Accident injury victims who choose to represent themselves in litigation almost never win. Often, they leave the courtroom with nothing and wind up making the worst mistake of their lives. As a result of their choice to go it alone, they are now on the hook for all the medical expenses they’ve incurred, as well as the other financial losses they have accumulated. Most of the time, a seasoned and skilled trucking accident attorney can mean the difference between you getting thousands – or possibly millions – of dollars for your injury and getting nothing.

It might not be automatic that you will obtain compensation for the losses you’re incurred after your 18-wheeler accident, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult process. If you have an effective trucking accident lawyer by your side, the chances of you winning your case and holding those responsible accountable for their actions will increase exponentially.

The information in this article is designed to provide the basics of the law in regard to 18-wheeler accidents. It is not intended to take the place of actual legal counsel. For a free and confidential consultation regarding the specifics of your case, call our Law Office. We will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning the law surrounding truck accidents.

The Importance of Legal Action

There are two vital purposes behind filing a claim or initiating a lawsuit against a defendant. No. 1, filing a suit will make it possible for you to recoup the monetary losses you have incurred as the result of your accident. However, you must be informed about going in that, in the eyes of the law, you are not automatically entitled to get fair compensation for your injury. From the start of any litigation, the scales of justice are tilted toward the defendant, the legal term for the person or entity that caused your injury. You, the plaintiff, will have to move those scales in your favor to have a chance at winning your case. The defendant is under no kind of obligation to pay you for the injury you have suffered or the monetary losses you have experienced. You will likely have to fight extremely hard in order to get the fair compensation you have coming to you.truck accident lawyers

You have undoubtedly not only suffered physical and emotional losses, but you have also suffered financially. You are probably faced with expensive medical bills and significant repair costs and have to face the added burden of lost wages because you have not been able to return to your job since the accident occurred. If you are successful in your efforts to obtain justice and fair compensation from the defendant, this will not only help ease your monetary burdens, it will also help you get your life back on track because you will no longer have to deal with the stress of financial problems associated with the accident.

Also, initiating litigation lets you punish those responsible for the truck accident and help to make sure that the defendant will not make the same mistakes in the future and cause someone else to have to go through what you are experiencing.

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