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Understanding the “One Bite Rule” in Texas
While most states in America apply “strict liability” to dog or animal bites, Texas law operates under the “one bite rule.” This law, among others, comes under heavy criticism. A close look at Texas state law explains why a dog bite injury lawsuit in Texas is no small undertaking. Seeking knowledgeable and skilled legal representation from a personal injury lawyer may increase your understanding of the law and subsequent rights to pursue compensation for injuries. If you or your child has been injured by a dog, getting immediate medical attention is bite attorneys san antonio

Dog bites can cause very serious injuries and even death. Small children are no match for an aggressive or vicious dog. Deep lacerations, broken bones and head trauma are some of the more common types of injuries sustained by a dog attack. Legal assistance in establishing owner negligence or ordinance violations may be your strongest chance for recovering damages. Our Law Office provides comprehensive representation for victims of dog bite injuries. We are sensitive to the destructive nature of these injuries and will seek maximum compensation.

Examining a Pet Owner’s Legal Responsibilities

Although all pet owners in the state of Texas are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of others, there are certain regulations that “dangerous dog” owners must concurrently abide by. A dog would be considered dangerous if it has previously made an unprovoked attack on another person, such that it caused serious bodily injury. If the pet owner subsequently fails to take measures that would prevent another attack, they could be held criminally responsible—as well as civilly responsible for compensating the victim of the attack. These legal responsibilities would include:

Keeping the dangerous dog in a secure enclosure
Keeping the dog restrained any time they are not in an enclosure
Registering the dog with the local animal control authority
Purchasing liability insurance coverage of at least $100,000

Injured by a dangerous dog? Contact a personal injury attorney!

The emotional ramifications from a dog bite can be life-long, bringing continual fear and anxiety to the victim or witness of a cruel and vicious attack. Medical costs to repair the physical damage can be a staggering number. Loss of wages incurred because of accompanying your child to medical office visits, treatments, and lengthy procedures may be significant. The loss of quality of life for you and your family may be so severe, that additional pain and suffering compensation be considered. Your case deserves proper consideration and response from the responsible party. We will fight for your rights and work diligently to get the maximum compensation allowed, so contact the firm today!

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