Trusting a Trucker to Tell the Truth in a Big Rig Accident is a Grave Mistake

With so much at stake, you cannot always trust the trucker to tell the truth if he or she causes an expensive accident. If truck drivers are found to be liable for an accident, not only can they be fired, it could become very difficult for them to land a new job after costing his or her previous employer enormous damages due to his or her negligence. Sometimes trucking companies will fire him outright and make the driver the “fall guy.” Then they try to cover themselves of respondeat superior, or their direct negligence that caused the accident.

And if this 18 wheeler driver has been in previous accidents, it’s possible to lose either his state trucking driver’s license or his DOT certification, which means this now former trucker has to find a new line of work. And with high unemployment in the U.S., the temptation for that driver to lie, cheat or behave dishonestly to save their job can be too great to ignore since that driver risks losing the paycheck that supports his or her family. truck accident attorneys san antonio

After suffering an injury in an 18 wheeler accident in which the driver of the truck claimed that our client was driving with his lights off at night, our investigators quickly examined the scene. They discovered a security camera outside a convenience store that was pointed directly its parking lot and the accident scene behind it. The video clearly showed our client’s headlights shining brightly. We proved that the truck driver boldly lied. Witnesses and defendants can lie and or callously misrepresent critical facts in trucking accident cases. The lawyers with our Law Office know how to uncover the lies, and counter them with the truth to stop witness misrepresentations. Over the past 20 years, we have conducted thousands of 18-wheeler accident investigations to get to the bottom of the case and won for our clients’ fair and just compensation by shining the light on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Self-Insured Truck Companies Represent a Sinister Threat to Your Just Compensation

Some trucking companies protect against personal injuries from accidents by setting aside a percentage of their assets to pay accident claims, rather than purchase a coverage policy from an insurance carrier. And though federal and state governments monitor the insurance industry, license adjusters and hold insurance companies to ethical standards as best it can, no regulations exist for self-insured trucking companies. Seeking compensation from these “self-insured” firms, or self-insured independent truckers can be far more difficult, extremely chaotic.

You most likely will be forced to attempt to settle your claim with an officer of the company instead. Typically, this company officer’s salary is tied directly to company profits. Any amount paid to you for an injury comes directly out of the company coffers, which means that when the company’s officer decides on your compensation he or she is literally taking money out of their own pocket. So we’re never surprised at how low a self-insured company officer might stoop to deny your claim and protect the company’s assets. Self-insured companies (and independent truckers) have been known to willfully destroy evidence that proves your claim, bribe witnesses, and even intimidate their victims, sometimes physically. Before they hired us, some intimidation attempts were directed at our clients. This is why every time our attorneys are hired against a liable self-insured party; the first action we take is to prevent anyone with the company from behaving unsuitably toward our clients. Often, we are forced to demand that they completely refrain from communicating with our clients unless one of our attorneys is present.

As a Big Rig Accident Victim, Your Best Chance to win is With Experience on Your Side

Only after trying hundreds of cases can a lawyer understand, and use the intricacies of personal injury law to develop the perfect battle plan for success in negotiations or at trial against insurance companies in an 18 wheeler accident. Most people, and many inexperienced attorneys, don’t know the proper way to answer interrogatories, prepare demand packages, and conduct sophisticated depositions to get to the bottom of liability for the trucking accident that caused your injuries and pain. Experienced attorneys know how to conduct complicated accident investigations and respond to lists of admissions. Somebody who knows how to do all of this knows how to forcefully represent your interests.

Insurance companies only agree to fair settlements if you are protected by an attorney with a history of success in court. While insurance companies and their lawyers are eager to take on non-lawyers and inexperienced attorneys, they fear us. When we step-in the insurance companies often see the wisdom of settling with our clients for a fair amount. They want to avoid a trial, especially if they know you have a strong case. And from a fair settlement, you can resume living your life again after we’ve secured that compensation on your behalf.

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