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According to the National Transportation Safety Board, an auto accident occurs every ten seconds. Those accidents often lead to litigation. A recent Department of Justice study showed that while nearly 60 percent of personal injury cases involve auto accidents, only four percent of filed automobile personal injury lawsuits go to trial. The likely scenario is for your auto accident lawsuit to settle out of accident attorneys San Antonio Texas
The amount of your settlement for your automobile accident lawsuit is likely to depend on the skill of your attorney. To obtain an injury settlement, your car accident attorney must be a skilled negotiator with the ability to investigate properly and evaluate your injury. Need more information about Car Accident Lawyers San Antonio click here please

What you can collect

A personal injury lawsuit in can seek recovery for the following:
Medical expenses
Time lost from work
The value of property that was damaged
The cost of hiring someone to do your household chores
Any permanent disfigurement or disability
Emotional distress
Physical pain and suffering
Lost wages

An important part of your personal injury litigation hinges on your lawyer hiring expert witness to best prove your damages in your personal injury in.personal injury lawyers

Negotiation and settlement of your injury lawsuit

To begin the negotiation process to obtain a personal injury settlement, your lawyer may notify the people responsible that you are injured and expect to file for your damages. At your first meeting with your lawyer, he or she is likely to ask you to bring documents such as the police report, photos of the scene of the accident, and wage stubs. Your attorney also needs the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses. Your lawyer may send an injury settlement package to the adjuster including all your documentation. The adjuster is likely to make an offer to settle your potential car accident lawsuit for far less than the amount your lawyer requests. Eventually the two parties should come to an agreement on the amount of your injury settlement. If they do not, your lawyer can then proceed to bring an accident lawsuit.

We can help with injury litigation. Contact an experienced lawyer in our Law Office today for a free consultation about your car accident lawsuit or if you have questions about any type of personal injury lawsuits.

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