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In an Accident With a Drunk 18-Wheeler Driver? You May be Entitled To Recover Damages

Within this article, we’d like to discuss the ramifications of being involved in a truck accident where the truck driver is said to be intoxicated. Before we delve into this matter, however, it should be noted that any truck accident victim in Harris County needs the help of a qualified attorney, should they seek compensation. On another page, we discuss why hiring an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney is so crucial to an accident victim’s recovery.Truck accident lawyers

Compared to an everyday auto accident, a truck accident is already a categorically different experience. But when intoxication allegations arise, not only may liability from the matter be altered, but also the landscape of named defendants to your accident claim. This is due to the implementation of liquor liability laws, more common known as dram shop laws.

In Texas, it is not only illegal, but inherently dangerous to serve an already intoxicated patron more alcohol. To rectify this precarious situation between faculty-lacking individuals and that of profit-seeking businesses, the Texas legislature drafted laws to bind these businesses to their liquor license, issued by the TABC. When applying these laws to 18-wheeler accidents, if a trucker were found to be intoxicated from alcohol served at one of these establishments, not only may the trucker incur fault, but also the business who provided the over-service.

But what if a trucker’s intoxication is not from alcohol, but rather from a narcotic or prescription medication? In this situation, the quantity of defendants may not increase, but certainly the overall liability of the incident could. It’s relatively easy to imagine the heightened fault placed on an intoxicated truck driver, but what about the company that employs the individual?

An intoxicated trucker’s liability is relatively discernible, but in many of the accidents we have litigated, the owner’s fault in the matter was actually more egregious. In one particular instance, we aggressively pursued a trucking company after it became increasingly apparent that they had negligently hired a trucker with a marked past use of narcotics (including one such instance while on the job). Sure enough, the past transgressions of the trucker reared their head again in the form of an intoxicated accident. Had our firm not done the proper research before trial, an obviously liable party may have skirted fault. In other words, our client’s pursuit of justice not only allowed them to receive the compensation they deserved, but also helped improve the trucking industry.truck accident lawyers

None of the above is relevant though, unless your law firm has experienced the myriad of scenarios that follow a drunk driving accident. Aggressive insurance adjusters, paired with cutthroat defense attorneys and trucking companies who put hauling in front of safety will all try to derail your case. Make no mistake, without the help of attorney who has been there, they will succeed.

In other words, you need a team of experienced personal injury attorneys to make sure your case is handled appropriately. The attorneys at Our Law Office in San Antonio have over twenty years of experience with cases just like yours. An experienced intoxicated truck driver accident attorney can help you secure the compensation you deserve, while noticing those responsible that their actions will not stand. So if you’ve been injured by an intoxicated trucker, know that you do not have to go at it alone. Contact an attorney at Our Law Office and let us fight for you, while you worry about recovering.

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