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Hazards on the Construction Site Common health and safety hazards on the work site.

Construction sites often contain many hazards for their workers.  When equipment at a construction site is not properly maintained and operated, construction workers could be at significant risk of injury or death.  Following are a few examples of some of the most common construction site hazards: Rebar: exposed rebar ends present significant risks for workers.  If a worker trips or falls onto the end of a rebar, he or she may be impaled. Ladders: many construction site accidents are the result of improper ladder use. 
If a ladder is not placed on even ground or if weight limits are not followed, workers could fall, injuring themselves and those nearby.  In other cases, a careless worker on the ground may bump into a ladder, knocking it over. Power tools: poorly-trained workers using power tools present significant risk to themselves and others.  Improperly-repaired or defective power tools are also dangerous.  Furthermore, if a worker spends too much time around multiple power tools in operation, he or she may suffer hearing loss. Scaffolding: the second leading cause of construction site deaths is falls from scaffolding.  If scaffolding is not properly constructed or maintained, workers on and around the scaffolding could be in serious accident attorneys

The bottom line is this: construction sites are dangerous.  But if proper safety protocol is followed, many of these dangers are alleviated.  When someone fails to follow these safety protocols, however, innocent victims often are the ones to suffer.  If you or someone in your family has been in a construction accident due to an employer’s or another worker’s negligence, the construction accident lawyers at our Law Office can help you file a personal injury lawsuit in Texas.

If successful, such a lawsuit could secure compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost wages from time spent away from your job, and the mental or emotional anguish caused by the accident.  But this lawsuit will likely be very complex.  Whenever an employee is injured, workers’ compensation comes into play.  But workers’ compensation does not protect contractors like it does employees.  Since many construction workers are contractors, this often becomes a problem.  A deceitful employer may tell you that, since you are a contractor, you have no legal recourse for seeking compensation.  The employer may then offer you a small settlement as a “take it or leave it” offer, hoping you will accept without speaking to a Houston construction injury lawyer.  But even if you are a contractor, you have legal options available to you.  Our Texas attorneys can help.

We have been winning construction accident lawsuits for twenty years and we know how to secure a fair settlement in these cases.  If you or someone you love has been hurt in a construction site accident, contact the construction lawyers at our Law Office and make sure your injuries are fully compensated.

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