Premise Injury

If you have been injured on the premises of a business, is the business automatically required to pay you damages?
No. If you are injured while visiting the premises you can only recover damages if the business owner failed to take reasonable steps to protect your safety. For example, if a business owner does not have adequate security or lighting in its parking lot, or allows a dangerous condition, such as uneven walkways, to exist.personal injury law
Nursing Home Abuse

Do you have a parent or a loved one who has suffered abuse or neglect at a nursing home or other retirement facility?

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse is prevalent and is on the increase. The most common cause of nursing home neglect and abuse is greed and the profit motive. In order to make a profit and pay high salaries to executives and big returns to their corporate shareholders, many nursing homes and retirement facilities no not provide enough trained staff, or are grossly understaffed for the number of residents. Even when the number of staff is adequate, the staff can be under-paid, under-trained or inexperienced. The sad fact is that in many cases, the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect are not capable of speaking for themselves due to physical or mental disabilities.

If you have a loved one who is a victim of nursing home abuse, contact the authorities and call us for a free initial consultation.

Dog Bites

Did you know that there are over 5 million victims of dogs bites reported every year? Approximately 12 people die every year as a direct result of dog attacks. If you are one of the millions of Americans who has been bitten or otherwise physically harmed by a dog, you may have recourse to file a lawsuit. Potentially harmful animals have no business on our streets.personal; injury law

If you or a loved one have been injured or bitten by a dog, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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